We are a full-service design studio specializing in modern design and interiors based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our body of work represents our design approach; good design doesn’t need to be complicated. You can create a comfortable and expressive space with the simple practice of using raw materials and adhering to sensible functionality.
We cultivated our design approach through developing our own concepts- it’s the only way we can tell you that although the process isn’t easy, in the end you will be surrounded by a space that connects our fundamental philosophies with how you want to live and one you love.
Whether we are designing your home from the ground up or representing you as Real Estate agents (find us over The Architectural Group) – we are looking forward to meeting you, learning about you and creating with you.

About Joel Contreras

Joel Contreras has been designing homes since 2006. He gained hands-on experience through the experience of being an active realtor and with developing his own residential projects and has been focusing on designing for clients since 2014. He is actively engaged in the local design community and works to promote the preservation of historic homes as well as the redevelopment of downtown Phoenix. Joel now leads a full-service design studio focused on creating innovative design within reach.